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Who is Cema Instrument?

To build a good vacuum degassing purging oven, the best in its class. (#Cema Instrument, JACK SHEN,Founder)

#Cema Instrument Brand History:

Over the Past Few Years,Most Farmers and Extract Artist search the best vacuum degassing oven for Resins & Shatter & Wax (Dry heat-sensitive material, easy to decompose and oxidation, filling the nitrogen),Thus,They really need of reasonable price & stable performance vacuum degassing purging oven to process.Cema Instrument get this Chance to Build it with much test material and design , finally we upgrade with SUS#304 tube system & Individual Design Heating Element to support Superior Uniform #30-48deg C(Lower temp during the process).Thanks to Cema Instrument Engineer Join Together.
In The past:With Limited capacity to meet the vacuum degassing oven.
Now:We can Meet High Demand Orders for Vacuum oven wordwidely.
In the Future:We will do constant innvation into the R&D program into the Vacuum Oven industry and Hydraulic Press etc to do it better for customers.

#Cema Instrument Service:

With Professional Engineers and Familar Shipment Opeartion Team and After-Serice Process,and Professional technical-support.

With Constant Innovation into Cemainstrument Family Product Series,We hopefully it will bring awesome feeback!

Rock and Roll
Plug and Play
---------------Cemainstrument Team

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